Amazing underground parking system in China!
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Amazing underground parking system in China!

Article by Larry Hayden, Hayden's Auto Accessories.

Just imagine this:

You drive your car onto a round platform surrounded by glass. Then you get our of your car and walk to pay for your parking ticket.

Then, whoosh, (OK, so it is only a slow whoosh), your car descends on a  round elevator to locate in front of a vacant space deep underground in a circular hole reminiscent of a missile silo! 

Then your car rides a few inches off its wheels on top of a narrow metal plank and gets  inserted into the parking place. When you return for your car, you put your parking ticket into a slot, and, whoosh, the car elevator descends, extracts your car from its parking space, and brings it back to the surface. Here is a picture of the "missile silo" :

And here is a video showing a man going through the whole process:


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