CargoGlide CG1200 | Slide Out Truck Bed Tray

CargoGlide “wins the vote” for one of the top ten truck accessories which adds the most value and the most frequent use by truck owners. Whether you are camping, hauling, shopping, contracting or moving, you’ll wonder how your ever got along without it!

CargoGlide CG1200 fits:

  • Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra crew cab SSB
  • Ford F-150 super crew-super short bed
  • Ford Raptor
  • 2009-2015 Dodge RAM 1500 short bed (5.7′)
  • Nissan Titan crew cab SB (5.5′)

CargoGlide® is one of the best bed glide  products for any make or model of truck, van, or SUV 

Made in the USA! Our pick for one of the best quality for the money!

  • Cargo Glide’s CG1200 is convenient for hauling cargo for work, play, or any other adventures life may throw at you.
    • 1200lb capacity
    • Sturdy steel frame construction
    • Burnished aluminum face plate
    • 70-75% Extension
    • 8 full complement permanently sealed ball bearings
    • Includes 4 adjustable marine grade tie down eyebolts to make securing cargo easy and versatile

Say goodbye to the aggravation of using a normal truck bed. With a CargoGlide® bed slide, you can stop crawling in the back of your Truck or Van every time you need to reach your gear. So stop scuffing your knees and hurting your back! Install a CargoGlide® in your Truck or Van and get your gear out where you need them!eBolt Tie-Downs, 6 Industrial Cam Follower Needle and Ball Bearings, TPO Rubber deck surface on top of the Laminated 3/4″ Pl wood Deck

Loading and Unloading your Tools, Toys or any other Materials is considerably faster, safer and easier when you have a CargoGlide® .

  •  Ladies LOVE the ease of loading and unloading groceries and other items!
  • Men LOVE the time and effort saved in loading and unloading heavy items.

CargoGlide® , the best way to get your gear, materials or products from the back of a Truck, Van, Work Truck or SUV. Simply slide your gear out of the bed of your truck or van! No more unloading a bunch of stuff just to unload one hard to reach item.

These units come fully assembled and are easy to install with the included install kit.

4″ side rails, built in height adjusters to accommodate various tailgate clearance situations.

The slide rests on 6 roller bearings and includes side thrust bearings for easy operation even on site hills.

This is a good looking unit and is perfect for the person that needs a light to medium commercial capable bed sliding unit. Recessed handles and latch release give you a full length deck and all latch components are made of steel.

CargoGlide® offers more several models to fit your needs:

  • CargoGlide 1500XL and CargoGlide 2200 XL model lines are ideal for Heavy Duty commercial use extending 100% of the CargoGlide slides length out of your vehicle. It makes accessing your equipment and supplies so fast, safe and easy that you will get more service calls done per day and feel better doing them.
  • CargoGlide 1000 and CargoGlide 1500XD are ideal for Pickup Truck, Van, SUV and light commercial use. Comes in stock sizes for all standard Pickup Truck, Van and SUV applications. Capacities of 1000 lbs and 1500 lbs, evenly distributed. Custom Sizes and Configurations Available.

Buyer review, July 11, 2020 by Gary B (United States):

“It was easy to follow and to place an order. Arrived within a few days and I had it installed in minutes. Instructions were easy to follow and it went on well. ”

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