09-14 F150 Crew Cab Powerboard Nx With Wireless Controllers

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  • Electrically powered running board hides stealthily underneath your truck when doors are closed and extends down to meet your foot when door opens
  • No door wires are tapped and the interior of truck cab is not touched or altered as wireless components are placed in the door jambs which send wireless signal to central receiver that open or close the steps as needed
  • Variable-mount LED light kit attaches to linkage or to body and illuminates board and ground below for easier access in and out of your vehicle
  • Patented high strength, die-cast aluminum linkages built to last in any climate with 600 pounds capacity per side
  • Sturdy 6.25 inch wide aluminum running board features ultra-durable, non-slip, powder-coated surface

Product Description

 The PowerBoard NX has new patented wireless technology that makes it a whole lot smarter, and a whole lot easier to install. It's also the end result of several years' worth of continuous improvement and testing of every single component to ensure the quality and reliability you expect. Drops down about 6" and out 2" to create a stairstep into your truck. Full length board works with both front and rear doors, driver and passenger sides. Complete kit includes two full length boards, OEM quality sealed motor, Wi-Fi controllers, hardware, wiring harness with weatherproof connectors and LED light kit. Built-in anti-pinch safety features senses pressure to keep the board from retracting on your hand and feet. OEM quality sealed motors and heavy-duty wiring harness with weatherproof connectors.