Kor 10 Inch Led Light Bar Dual Row Combo Elite

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10 Inch LED Light Bar Dual Row Combo Elite KOR. Looking to turn night into day? Looking for the best of the best? Look no further than the KOR LED Elite Series.

The Elite Series is designed not to skip on any details. Elite Series LED's have been torture tested to ensure the highest quality LED Light possible.

With a life span of over 5+ years (50,000+ hours) of continuous use, the Elite Series LED Lights will not leave you in the dark!
Each Elite Series LED Light comes ready to install so there is NO need to buy a extra harness. The Elite Series comes with its own high quality harness with the correct fuse, relay, and switch. The harness has a waterproof connector for easy installation.

Each Elite Series LED Light also comes with its own standard mounting brackets although custom brackets may be needed for you application.

Also unique to our Elite Series is the breather port. Adapted from Military applications, the breather ports allow our LED Light to "expand" and "breath" through different operating temperatures. These ports also allow for the expansion and contraction of the housing and helps protect the waterproof seals. Long story short, it extends the lift of the LED Light and keeps it watertight!

  • Size: 10" Dual Row
  • LED QTY  20PCS
  • Wattage:100W
  • Lumens: 5,600LM @ 4.1A
  • Voltage Range: 9-36V
  • Beam: Combination Flood/Spot
  • Lens: GE Lexan Lens
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Warranty: 2 Years