Roll N Lock Tonneau Bed Cover For 2002 To 2008 Dodge Ram With Standard 6 Ft 4 Inch Bed

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Measure Your Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover

Does your truck have a track system?


  • Built In Tailgate Lock
  • Key Slot Locking Cover
  • Multiple Latching Positions Allow You To Leave Tonno Partially Open To Haul Loads
  • Easy Clamp On Mounting Process
  • Equipped With The Smallest Canister On The Market
  • Unique Slat Construction Provided Frictionless Rotation
  • Finger Grip Insulator Allows You To Grasp The Handle In The Heat Without Burning Your Fingers
  • HD Torsion Spring Helps Retract The Cover
  • Made in the USA - Pompano Beach, FL


Let me guess, you had a soft tonno you thought was secure, only to have someone brake in and rob you blind? Or maybe you want to prevent that from happening in the first place. Whatever the case may be, the Roll N Lock M-Series tonneau cover is here to help.

The M-series truck tonneau cover is as tough as nails and is redefining all the rules. They're made out of heavy duty aluminum panels which are laminated with a thick layer of vinyl. Not to mention, the retracting design makes opening and closing a breeze.

If you're looking to protect cargo from the elements as well as unwanted visitors, this is the cover for you. The durably constructed flat surface repels water and keeps expensive tools and equipment high and dry.

This amazing truck bed cover for pickup trucks is specially hinged to provide a smooth retraction process. And mounting is a breeze with the easy clamp on design.

Simply said, you get it all with the Roll N Lock M-Series tonneau cover. They are affordable and offer more security than any truck bed cover on the market. Don't wait another moment for peace of mind. The Roll N Lock M-Series ships to your doorstep free of charge.