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Protect your truck bed with any of these Chevy Avalanche bed covers in the review. Read through, share, and let us know what you think.

Every Chevy owner needs Avalanche truck bed covers to protect their open tonneau. Without a truck bed cover, anyone can gain access to the properties kept in your bed. Your items are also at risk of damage under harsh weather elements. A tonneau cover prevents you from these scenes.

Various tonneau covers are available in the market – hard, soft, folding bed covers, roll up bed covers. Whatever choice you make depends on your preference. However, Chevy Avalanche owners might experience slight difficulties in purchasing a compatible or custom made truck bed cover due to the uniqueness of their truck build.

In this review, we would consider three Avalanche truck bed covers custom made for your truck. To find out the appropriate bed cover that suits your preference, dive in, and share your thoughts!

Top 3 Chevy Avalanche Truck Bed Covers

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The Best Helpful Accessories for Avalanche Truck Bed

Top 3 Avalanche Bed Covers and Accessories for The Money

These folding Chevy Avalanche bed covers by the Bakflip brand is custom made for the 02-13 model of the Chevy Avalanche vehicle. Thanks to its fold form, you can fold the tonneau cover and flip over your cab to get access to any large item in your truck bed. The Bakflip cover is made of a fiberglass top resistant to ultraviolet rays, scratch, and dents. Its fold system provides no blockade to your brake lights or obstruction to removing items from your truck bed. It has an integrated buckle system that requires no straps or clips to secure the folds. This truck bed cover is quite simple to set up. No form of drilling is required, all you need to do is fix the clamps and latch panels, and you’re good to go.


  • Fold system: For lovers of hard folding tonneau covers, this is an excellent choice for you. The folds can be flipped over to access your truck bed.
  • Durability: Thanks to its top-grade material, this bed cover would last you for years. You wouldn’t have to think of a replacement soon.
  • UV Resistant: These bed covers for Chevy Avalanche are made with glass tops which are scratch, dents, and UV-resistant
  • Buckle System: You don’t need straps or cords to secure the folds. Its integrated buckle system tightens the bed cover to your truck.
  • Easy setup: In no time, you can install your tonneau cover. You don’t need to drill in or make any special modifications for it to fit.


  • Incorrect Instructional Guide: The instructional guide provided in the kit does not apply to Chevy Avalanche. Therefore, vehicle owners might have to source for other online directions for installing the cover.
  • Trickly tailgate closure: Before you can close your tailgate, you might have to open the Bakflip cover. All drivers might not be comfortable with this.

Our verdict

We recommend this Bakflip cover for lovers of a hard folding tonneau cover. You would never go wrong with this Chevy Avalanche cover.
8.3Expert Score

  • Folding system
  • Long-lasting use
  • UV Resistant
  • Integrated buckle system
  • Easy setup
  • Incorrect guide
  • Tricky tailgate closure

The Truxedo Chevy Avalanche replacement bed covers is an absolute buy for lovers of soft roll-up tonneau covers. The affordable bed cover is made from top-grade leather. Embedded in its leather design is a vinyl addition that aids resistance to scratches and dents. Prepare for terrible snow conditions with this truck bed cover because it has top-grade aluminum bows. Owners of 2002 -2013 GM Avalanche should jump on this deal because this Truxedo cover is custom made to fit these car models.

Its installation process is stress-free, and no form of drilling process is involved. You can mount your truck bed cover in less than an hour.


  • Lifetime Warranty: What else could you ask for than a lifetime guarantee that assures you that this bed cover got you through all seasons.
  • No drilling required: Its installation process is a pretty simple DIY process. You don’t need the help of an expert to get your cover fixed and ready for use.
  • Weather-resistant: No leakages are recorded with these Chevy Avalanche truck bed covers. They are weather-resistant and are guaranteed to keep your bed dry at all times.
  • Low cost: Compared to other tonneau covers in this review, Truxedo bed cover goes for half the price. It is considered a budget-friendly Avalanche cover.


  • Not a hard cover: The Truxedo is a soft roll-up bed cover for Chevy Avalanche. You might be disappointed if you want something harder.

What do we think?

We think the Truxedo soft bed cover is an absolute buy. It is budget-friendly and offers you as much value for your money. Nothing else beats this! However, you can check out the company recommended installation procedures here.

8.2Expert Score

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No drilling required
  • Weather-resistant
  • Reduced cost
  • Not hard bed cover
The F1 Chevy Avalanche hard bed covers are also custom made for Avalanche truck models, specifically 2002-2013. They are made by the Bakflip brand, and this implies that they also have a folding system for access to your truck bed. The tonneau cover has fiberglass tops and solid panels which guarantee users of a long life span. Thanks to its water drainage system, the bed cover is waterproof and wouldn’t allow water to get stored in your truck bed. Although its price might be on the high side, it locks with your tailgate.


  • Durability: With solid panels that are scratch and dent resistant, you are sure of long-lasting use.
  • Folding system: You can fold the tonneau cover to gain access to your truck bed.
  • Waterproof: The Bakflip bed covers for Chevy Avalanche have a drainage system that keeps water off your truck bed and the items in it.
  • Locks with tailgate: Once your tailgate is locked, you know your truck bed cover is locked automatically.


  • Incomplete Kits: Drivers complain that some of the kits advertised with the product are not included in the package. This oversight could be a result of poor quality control on the part of the manufacturer.
  • Expensive: The F1 tonneau cover is quite costly.

Our opinion

Although the tonneau cover is a bit costly, the value you get from using this product is worth a dime. It has a drainage system that prevents water storage in your bed so you don’t have to bother about leakages.
8.3Expert Score

  • Folding system
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Locks with tailgate
  • Expensive
  • Incomplete Kits

Other Helpful Accessories for Avalanche Truck Bed

The following accessories discussed in this review are an excellent addition for maintaining and securing your Avalanche truck bed covers. The truck lights could also pimp up the appearance of your Chevy Avalanche bed.

Turn up the fun in your truck bed with these beautiful lights. Enjoy the waterproof Nilights, which are pretty easy to install. These beautiful lights are guaranteed to serve you for 30 000 hours. If you hate the dark, creepy nature of your truck bed, especially after fixing your tonneau cover, you can brighten things up with this awesome lighting. It also has a two-year warranty.
The Xprite light is an alternative lighting choice for your truck bed. On this lighting set, there are eight decorative pods that are water resistant and can withstand harsh rainy conditions. They are simple to install and they provide sufficient lighting for your truck bed. For after dark workers who need a bright light to sort things out in their truck bed, this Xprite light is the real deal. If you love to play with different colors, you should jump on this deal. Xprite light kit is available for sale in about 7 different colors.
This tonneau cover clamp is an additional accessory meant to secure your truck bed cover. It is available in a set of six clamps. These clamps are a generic replacement for damaged clamps or incomplete clamps in Chevy Avalanche bed covers. However, ensure they are the right size for your tonneau cover brand before purchasing.

The Truxedo protectant spray is efficient for the cleaning and maintenance of your truck bed cover. If you want to prevent your tonneau cover from looking dusty and unattractive, this cleaning accessory is a must-have. The spray gives your bed cover a new glossy look. All you have to do is spray, wipe off with a towel, and your cover looks as good as new.

However, due to rough handling during shipping, the spray bottle might be exposed to slight damages.

This 303 spray is another alternative yet a budget-friendly option for your Chevy Avalanche bed covers. It gets rid of residues and stains on your truck bed cover, exchanging the dull look with a bright glossy sheen. Although the spray nozzle might not aid a uniform spray, it is very useful for cleaning and offers you so much value for your money.
Secure your truck bed cover with this Undercover lock kit. The lock kit can also serve as a replacement of the lock system in your Avalanche bed cover. It is pretty simple to install, and it ensures maximum security. However, some drivers complain of wrong keys sent to them caused by poor quality control on the part of the manufacturers.


It is easy to make a choice from the list of three suitable Chevy Avalanche replacement covers. A peculiar feature of all these tonneau covers is that they are all custom made for your Chevy Avalanche vehicle.

This review has made it stress-free for you to access the best bed covers in the market for your Chevy Avalanche. However, your final decision lies in your preference.

For lovers of the soft roll-up tonneau covers, the Truxedo brand offers you a budget-friendly deal you shouldn’t miss out on.

For lovers of the hard tonneau covers, The BakFlip brand offers you an additional bonus of a folding truck bed cover, making it an excellent choice for your vehicle.

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