BakFlip Tonneau Bed Cover Fits All Chevy Avlanches

BAKFlip HD Easy Folding Bed Cover for 2002 and up Chevy Avalanches.


Our price is the lowest. It is the manufacturer’s MAP (Minimum Allowable Price dealers can advertise). All dealers price exactly the same and cannot sell at a lower advertised price.

BAK Industries has designed the BAKFlip Hard Surface Folding Cover to replace the Avalanche’s original equipment 3 Panel Bed Cover, with a much more efficient design that allows for easier access to bed and while adding function.

Get rid of that worn, faded and awkward 3 panel originally equipped cover. BAKFlip is engineered to get out of the way in seconds and stay securely mounted so you can actually use 100% of the BED in your Avalanche at a moments notice without taking the cover off the truck!!!!! 

The problem with the originally equipped Avalanche bed cover since day one has been that it has fading problems, plus, what do you do with the 3 panels when you take them off to use your Avalanche bed?  If you put them in the bed it takes up a lot of valuable space. And who wants to put the panels in the back seat? Or what happens when you lose a panel?  Or a panel is stolen? One replacement panel costs $750.00 plus at GM!!!

It is a fact that you need full and easy use of the truck bed in your Avalanche without worrying where to store the bed covers. The BAKFlip eliminates that problem, in fact BAKFlip for Avalanche is so easy to use, one might ask why didn’t “THEY” just do this in the first place?

BAKFlip for Avalanche has three folding panels that fold up and over toward the cab exposing 1/3 sections of the bed, 2/3 of the bed and then folds open against the cab to expose the entire bed. Each panel has a latch and easy release cable to operate the cover. The last panel is hinged to fold upright securely straight up with two stabilizer rods provided to secure the cover in the wide open position. The BAKFLip protects your rear window from damage from shifting cargo such as equipment, motorcycles, etc. The BAKFlip panel latches automatically as you open/close each panel. The BAKFlip panels have concealed latches underneath each panel where they are protected against tampering, freezing, and other elements that could otherwise cause failure. By initiating the keyless entry lock and locking tailgate you will lock and secure the bed on your Avalanche.

BAKFlip for Avalanche is made from all aluminum with a styrene core, that makes it light weight, rugged and durable. The Aluminum is black powder coated to look great and retain its original black color. Finally! A solution to fading bed covers!

Each BAKFlip is equipped with a patented drainage system. All unwanted water that collects in the hinges or on top of the cover is driven into concealed drain gutters which are part of the tonneau cover’s rails. This water then flows to the corners of the rails and is conveniently and safely funneled out of the truck bed through pre-existing holes. 

The Avalanche BAKFlip HD35108 comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

View BAKFlip with 1st panel being opened and tailgate down.
View BAKFlip with 1st panel open and tailgate closed.
View BAKFlip with all panels open and resting against the cab.
View BAKFlip in the full open position. haul without removing covers. 
View BAKFlip with fully functioning saddlebag lid. 
View BAKFlip close up shot.

Very simple installation:  Anyone can easily do it in an hour or less.

View Video Full explanation video of the features and operation of the BakFlip:

 View Installation Video

Remember, once you’ve installed your BAKFlip, it practically pays for itself because you can sell your bedcovers on Ebay or Craig’s list!

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