Everyone deserves comfort during an exclusive camping experience. This review promises to lead you through an exclusive list of Chevy Avalanche tents for your offroad trips.

Chevy Avalanche truck tent offers you a great deal of comfort and saves you the stress of sleeping on the ground. If you hate the idea of setting up a tent and spending a blissful night on the grass, then this review is your best bet.

We know how tasking it gets to choose an appropriate truck tent fit for your Chevy Avalanche. Therefore, after a period of thorough research, we compiled this review to suit your preferences. We realize that the Chevy Avalance is a unique truck with a different style build, making it difficult to access several choices of a truck tent for Chevy Avalanche.

This review is a must-read guide that provides you with options for your next camping trip.

4 BEST CHEVY AVALANCHE TRUCK TENTS (Products Quick Reference Table)





This tent Chevy Avalanche by the Guide Gear brand is available in dual colors – blue and grey. Its width is capable of accommodating two persons without so much close contact with each other. It possesses a zipper and a poly flooring sewn in to prevent dirt from staining the tent. The mounting procedures of this truck tent wouldn’t cause you any hassles because the tent weighs less than 11 pounds and has an easy setup. Thanks to its mesh windows, it provides sufficient ventilation for its occupants to avoid suffocation. It features storage pockets, shock poles, and tension straps that secure it to your Avalanche. The 2002 Chevy Avalanche Tent is compatible with 2002, 2006, 2007 Chevy Avalanche.


  • Storage Space: The Chevy Avalanche camping tent possesses two storage pockets to hold your books, keys, accessories, and other handy items.
  • Lightweight and easy to install: The Guide Gear tent weighs less than 11 pounds and has an easy setup process.
  • Bolt-on Fit: The truck tent perfectly fits your truck and assures your comfort and bliss during your camping trips.
  • Excellent Price: The value you get from ordering this truck cannot be compared to the low price you get to pay when you place an order. It is more economical than most truck tents, but it serves its purpose.
  • The Guide Gear truck tent possesses a rainfly to keep you dry during rainy conditions.


  • Poles Snap: It is pertinent for vehicle owners to handle the poles carefully, else they might get damaged during use.
  • Poor water-resistance: The truck tent might leak during rainy seasons. Its rainfly and waterproof material might not be the best guarantee when the rains come.
  • Unclear instructions: Some tent users complain that the guide that accompanies the 2007 Chevy Avalanche tent isn’t comprehensive or detailed to help with the setup process.

Our opinion

We recommend the Guide gear truck tent for its unbeatable price in these Chevy Avalanche tent reviews. The tent serves its purpose of providing you a comfy place to rest your head.

8.3Expert Score

  • Storage Space
  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Bolt-on fit
  • Rainfly
  • Excellent price
  • Snapped Poles
  • Unclear Guide
  • Leakages

If you despise the truck bed and the ground, Smittybilt offers you another solution in its roof top tent on Chevy Avalanche. The tent has a tanned color and possesses a capacity for two persons. Its height can accommodate a person standing, and its sunroof opening gives you an incredible sky view.

The Smittybilt is quite weighty with its 48 pounds size. However, it possesses a complete Chevy Avalanche tent kit for its mounting. The truck tent was constructed from top-grade polyester waterproof material. It has aluminum tent poles and stainless hinges for extra security, which dispels your fears about the tent falling off.

The Smittybilt roof tent features hooks for lights, ladder extensions, mosquito screens. Although the tent was made for Jeep Wranglers, it also serves as a Chevy Avalanche roof tent.


  • Full Kit: The Smittybilt rooftop tent on Chevy Avalanche comes with all mounting brackets required, a ladder extension to help you down the rooftop. It also has a high-density foam mattress. It’s an all-in-one Chevy Avalanche tent package.
  • Waterproof Material and Rainfly: You can keep yourself dry every step of the way with this tent. Its top-grade waterproof makes and rainfly ensure you are covered during the storm.
  • Mosquito screens: This camping tent for Chevy Avalanche has side windows with mosquito netting that keeps the parasites out.
  • This Smittybilt tent camper has a one-year warranty for factory defects.
  • Hook Strips: Save yourself the trouble of holding flashlights in the dark with this Smittybilt tent hook lighting strips. You can turn up the fun by fixing colored led lights.
  • Larger sizes: The tent is also available in larger sizes that can contain about 3-4 people. If you wish to accommodate more friends in your tent, then the larger size of the Smittybilt roof top tent is your deal.


  • Poor stitching: Tent users complain that the stitching on the tent is not done neatly. As a result, the tent is exposed to early wear and tear.
  • Warranty issues: Renewing the warranty on the product might be stressful. Manufacturers seem to respond slowly to customer’s complaints and requests.

Our verdict

As seen in the Chevy avalanche tent images for Smittybilt, the tent comes with a ladder extension. It also comes with a sizeable mattress and mounting brackets for its installation. What more could any driver ask for during a camping trip.

8.3Expert Score

  • Full Kit
  • Waterproof material and rainfly
  • Mosquito screens
  • 1-year warranty
  • Hook light strips
  • Larger sizes
  • Poor stitching
  • Warranty issues
The Milliard truck tent is suitable for the 2002 Chevy Avalanche once its tailgate is let out. The tent Chevy Avalanche has a pretty simple setup procedure, free of hassles. With a sewn-in flooring that seals out dirt on the truck bed, you are sure of a clean and comfortable sleeping spot in your truck. The Milliard truck tent has a single storage pocket for handy tools and a rainfly, which keeps you dry. A spot for fixing your lantern is provided in the tent; you wouldn’t have to struggle in the darkness. The Chevy Avalanche tent for sale on Amazon is constructed from quality rip-stop material. It also possesses mesh windows that aid proper ventilation and pocket closures for your privacy.


  • Lantern Hook: Light up your tent when you fix a lantern in the provided hook. The tent possesses this lighting provision to save you from the rigor of handling flashlights or your phone lights.
  • Storage Pocket: The truck bed tent for Chevy avalanche has a single storage pocket used in keeping away handy items.
  • Easy installation: The Milliard truck tent is easily installed on your truck bed without any difficulty.
  • Rainfly: When the rains come, the tent keeps you dry through its effective rainfly. Unlike some other tents, you wouldn’t have to bother about being soaked in this tent.


  • Straps break off: The straps used in securing these tents to your truck might break off during a short period of use.
  • Hook scratches off paint: You might need to be careful when installing this tent so the hook doesn’t leave scratches on your truck.
  • Product Defects: Drivers complain of faults and defects noticed with the tent upon delivery and within a short period of use.

What do we think?

The Milliard truck tent is our choice for a 2002 Chevy Avalanche size tent. It has a sleeping capacity for two people, and you wouldn’t experience any difficulties with installations.
8Expert Score

  • Storage Space
  • Lantern Hook
  • Simple Install
  • Rainfly
  • Product Defects
  • Hook scratches paint
  • Straps break off

This Chevy Avalanche sport tent made by the Napier brand is strictly made for Chevy Avalanche motors. It is available in grey color and is not suitable as a black 2009 Chevy Avalanche tent for drivers who are color-specific. The lightweight tent has a sleeping capacity for two people. Installing this tent might be quite hectic at the first trial, but subsequently, it becomes easier to mount. This Chevy Avalanche Napier tent has shock-absorbing fiberglass poles and an awning that extends to provide shade. With two storage pockets and a gear loft, you have sufficient storage space to store any item of your choice. Thanks to its rainfly and storm flaps, you are kept dry from storms. You can also enter the tent through its rear access or entrance access. Ventilation is sure in the tent because it possesses 3 mesh windows and a ceiling vent. The 2003 Chevy Avalanche bed tent is compatible with most models of the Chevy Avalanche.


  • Sufficient Storage Space: The tent has two storage pockets and a gear loft. How much more space would you ask for?
  • Entrance: The 2004 Chevy Avalanche tent has two entrance points – one rear and front access each.
  • Extendable Awning: Its awning extends to provide shade for tent users.
  • Durability: The truck bed tent 2003 Chevy Avalanche is guaranteed to last you for several years of use.
  • It is compatible with most Chevy Avalanche models.
  • It is a lightweight tent.


  • Light Fabric: Drivers complain that the material used in constructing the 2005 Chevy Avalanche tent is not thick enough to withstand wear and tear.
  • The tent might have faulty zippers.

Our judgment

Believe us when we say this is the best and inexpensive tent kits for a 2004 Chevy Avalanche. It is custom made for  Chevy avalanche models, which eases your doubt about it being a perfect fit. This tent is an absolute buy!

9.3Expert Score

  • Sufficient storage space
  • Extendable Awning
  • Durability
  • Dual entrance
  • Fits most models
  • Lightweight
  • Light fabric
  • Faulty Zipper


This Thule Tepui tent serves as an alternate product for a Chevy Avalanche roof top tent with a sleeping capacity for up to three people. This tent is available for color-specific tent users in three colors – blue, gray, and olive green. Its URV resistance is embedded in its poly-cotton and denier fabric. The alternate truck tent Chevy Avalanche has four storage pockets and a complete camping kit. A mattress and other installation items are included in this camping kit. It is a classic roof top tent for lovers of off-road adventures.

This is another alternate Chevy avalanche tent for your roof top with a unique velcro closure for its polyester and nylon fabric. The roof tent comes with a high-density foam mattress and a ladder extension. Thanks to the six storage pockets and bank pouch, you have more than enough storage space for all your items.

Light up your Chevy Avalanche tent camper with its featured led light and enjoy your camping experience. The roof tent possesses a unique bonus pack, which includes pillows, lap table, mini broom, and dustpan.


These Chevy Avalanche tent accessories are additional items needed for your camping trip. They are also instrumental during the installation of your truck tent.

If you need a Chevy Avalanche bed tent, this air mattress by Rightline is your best bet. You can sleep comfortably on the air mattress in your tent. It has a pump and valve, which helps you pump the air in or out depending on your preference. The bed is best compatible with Chevy Avalanche rightline tent.

This Wey & Fly air mattress is compatible with the truck tent for Chevy Avalanche. The mattress is thickened and can be inflated for multiple persons or a single person. The bed is designed to accommodate about three persons. It is a great addition to your truck tent.

Roof racks are for your roof top Chevy Avalanche truck bed tent. You need a roof rack to install some rooftop tents on your vehicle, especially if you hate the thought of setting up a tent on the ground or in your truck bed. The rack is painted with a lasting finish to avoid rust. It is strong enough to hold your tent, so it doesn’t fall off and cause damages while you drive.
Ever thought of making the interior of your tent warm enough? This tepui insulator is your answer. Mount the insulator in the interior of your tent and enjoy the warm feeling of your Chevy Avalanche tent.  It is fitted and provides openings to your mesh windows, door entrance, and ceiling vents.


Mounting the Avalanche tent on your truck bed is simple as long as you follow these Chevy Avalanche tent instructions. In this guide, we will show you how to install the Napier sport truck tent.

To install the truck tent, you don’t need any special tools. However, ensure you read the manual that comes with the tent and adhere strictly to the dos and don’ts of Chevy Avalanche truck tent pitching.

  1. Find a good camp location to park your car. Apply your brakes and switch off your engine.
  2. Lower your truck tailgate and unveil the tent from its pack. Position one end inside the truck bed to your tailgate. Stretch out the other tent end and position it towards your cab.
  3. Locate the three side straps and loosely attach them to the bottom of your truck’s body.
  4. Locate the tailgate straps. Slide the straps between the truck bed and tailgate. Connect to corresponding straps at the front of the tent.
  5. Unfold each section of tent poles and assemble.
  6. Insert poles in its sleeve. Start with the corner to corner poles, then insert the side to side poles, then the rear cab poles, and the tailgate pole.
  7. Insert poles in their respective pocket. Insert the side to side pole, then the corner to corner pole, insert the rear cab pole into the grommet hole on either side of the tent. The tailgate poles goes into the pockets at either side of the tailgate.
  8. Insert the inside black pole in the interior pole pocket and the Velcro pole using Velcro tabs.
  9. Secure the tent poles by attaching the pole clips to tent poles.
  10. Install gear loft on the tent ceiling by placing each corner hook in the ceiling loop.
  11. Once the tent is assembled, tighten the side straps if it is necessary.

For rainfly:

  1. Locate the back of the rainfly, you’d find a zipper for the rear access panel. Place the rainfly over the tent.
  2. Secure the rainfly to the tent by attaching the rainfly clip to the corresponding tent clip.

For Awning:

If you don’t need the awning, you can roll it up and secure it with toggles. However, if you need it, here’s what to do:

  1. Slide fiberglass awning poles through poles sleeve in the awning roof. Insert poles in the pockets on each side of the awning.
  2. Assemble awning pole, place the top pole in bottom pole with clasp. Ensure each pole is the same length and secure with the clasp.
  3. Place one pole end into the grommet hole at the corner of the awning and the other end in the grommet hole at the tailgate.
  4. Secure the pole with straps

With this Chevy Avalanche tent installation guide, your tent is ready for use.


Kindly recommend a Campright Chevy Avalanche Truck tent for me. Thanks

There are a few Rightline gear truck tent for Chevy Avalanche in the market. However, we recommend the Rightline gear 110890 Campright tent for you.

I just stumbled on the North face edition of Chevy Avalanche. I thought to ask, are there any unique North face Chevy Avalanche tents?

According to a comment by YGMN on the Chevyavalanchefanclub.com:

I know GM Chevy Avalanche tents are OEM products. Can you suggest an OEM tent for my 2007 Chevy Avalanche?

You can check the official GM website for a variety of OEM Chevy Avalanche tents. However, for your 2007 Chevy Avalanche, we recommend the bed sport tent with the part number ‘19329819’ as the best Chevy Avalanche OEM tent option.


Purchasing a Chevy Avalanche tent for sale on Amazon is a bit difficult because of the uniqueness of the truck. This review would ease your burdens on what choice to make for your next camping trip.

If you love to spend the night on the roof top, Smittybilt is your deal. However, if the truck bed appeals to you, you can choose from the Guide gear, Milliard, or Napier sport truck tent. Your choice might be influenced by price and compatibility.

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