Need to keep your truck safe from looming rascals or prevent any accidents? These are the best tailgate locks that money can buy. Read to the end and find two budget-friendly bonus products that might just fit your needs.

Every car owner knows the importance of a truck tailgate lock to the security of their valuables. With the ease involved in lifting off your truck tailgate without making the slightest sound, you must get a lock for your truck model.

Several automotive brands offer various kinds of locks that could either serve as a deterrent for thieves or a reliable security tool for your tailgate. In this situation, it could be hard to make the best choice for the year, make and model of your truck.

In this review, we would walk you through the best manual and power locks available for universal and vehicle-specific fit.

To know the best tailgate lock for your truck model, read through!

9 Ideal Truck Tailgate Locks for The Money

Best Products Quick Reference Table


9 Best Tailgate Locks

The McGard Tailgate Lock 76029, made from lightweight stainless steel and polycarbonate, is specifically designed for pick-up trucks like Toyota Tundra, Ford Ranger, Nissan Titan, and Dodge Ram. It is a truck tailgate lock with a simple security system that protects your truck bed from roaming rascals and does not need removal when opening or closing the tailgate. It comes with a fitment guide that helps car owners ensure compatibility with their trucks. It locks through its hinge and has no handle cover for manipulation, thus making it easy to use. It is affordable but has an unclear warranty. It is not fit for a 1993 Ford F-150 in the F150 tailgate lock

The pros of using this Mcgard tailgate lock

  • Fitment Guide: Wondering if this tailgate truck is compatible with the model of your truck? The fitment guide of this tailgate lock comes to your rescue. The fitment guide provides a list of compatible trucks that Mcgard tailgate lock shares compatibility. Going through the guide before placing an order would save you the stress of purchasing the wrong item.
  • Serves as a deterrent: This Lock puts up the appearance of a secured tailgate and deters thieves from breaking in. Hard-pressed for time, these thieves would instead move on to the next tailgate that seems easier to breakthrough.
  • Reasonable price: Considering the cost of changing your tailgate, this is an affordable option. No one can go wrong with an extra bit of security!
  • Best for 2008 Chevy Silverado, 2006 & 2019 Ford F150: Mcgard lock is the best fit for these models in the Ford f150 tailgate lock and Chevy Silverado tailgate lock

Mishaps observed with this Lock

  • Poor Quality: Most car owners complain of the low quality of this tailgate lock, referring to it as a “plastic hose clamp,” which can be broken off easily with the right tools.
  • Incomprehensive direction and fitment guide: The guide that accompanies the tailgate lock isn’t comprehensive enough, which could pose serious installation issues. Also, the fitment guide contains some truck models, which would be a wrong fit for the tailgate lock.
  • Special modifications: As opposed to the ease in installation stated in the description of the Mcgard tailgate lock, the Lock requires some changes and adjustments for some truck models like the 2015 Ford F250 in the F250 tailgate lock.
  • Not fit for a 1993 Ford F150 in the suitable Ford tailgate lock and tailgate lock Ford f150.

Our verdict on this truck tailgate lock

The McGard tailgate lock is affordable, providing reasonable security to your truck. It will not prevent a trained professional from breaking into your car but will serve as a deterrent. Although quality complaints by many users is indeed a drawback, this tailgate lock remains ideal for the Ford F150 and F250.

8.3Expert Score
The 76029 by McGard

  • Fitment Guide
  • Serves as a deterrent
  • Reasonable price
  • Poor Quality
  • Incomprehensive direction and fitment guide
  • Special modifications

The Bully tailgate lock is an affordable Dodge ram tailgate lock that strictly suits Ram 1500 models from 2002 – 2008. It is also compatible with the 2003 to 2009 Ram 2500 and 3500. Constructed with a high impact plastic with molded built-in screws, the Bully is the best tailgate lock for the 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. We, however, do not recommend it for the Dodge Dakota or any other truck model.

Gains associated with using this Bully tailgate lock

  • Easy installation: This Lock does not require any special drilling or cutting to fit the Dodge Ram truck model. It easily installs within few minutes without any need for a detailed guide.
  • Great value for your money: This truck tailgate lock is worth its price.
  • Secured: Placing an order for the Bully tailgate lock is an incredible security investment for your Dodge Ram tailgate.

Cons of using the Bully tailgate lock

  • Not Durable: This truck tailgate lock is made with plastic parts that could easily break off while installing or during use. Applying lubricants could help prevent the Bully tailgate lock from severe weather conditions and increase its life span.
  • Thin Keys: Proper care must be involved when using the keys made for the Bully LH-007 because they could bend easily or get broken. These are not the best tailgate lock keys; they have no spare ones, and locksmiths may find it hard to produce a replica that would work.
  • Wrong position of Lock: The Lock positions at the center, rather than at the side, and this could inconvenience car owners who open their tailgate frequently.

Our Opinion on this Bully tailgate lock

The Bully truck tailgate lock offers you an incredible value for your money and is pretty easy to install. This tailgate lock is highly recommended for you if you own a Dodge Ram that falls between the compatible year models.

8.5Expert Score
Bully LH-007WD

  • Easy installation
  • Great value for your money
  • Secure
  • Not Durable
  • Thin Keys
  • Wrong position of Lock

On the list of expensive truck tailgate locks, you’d find this pop & lock tailgate lock. Constructed by a brand considered to be the leading producers of tailgate items, the Pop & Lock PL1100 is for the 1999 – 2007 Chevy and GMC Sierra (Classic) truck models. This manual tailgate lock is perfect for a stress-free DIY installation.  With a one-year warranty when purchased on a non-auction site, this pop and lock tailgate item guarantees security from easy thieves. It is not the best fit for a 2003 & 2005 Chevy Silverado.

Advantages of this tailgate lock

  • Easy DIY Installation: You can install the Pop & lock tailgate lock with the help of a guide. It is easy to fit into your truck as long as it is compatible with your truck model.
  • Warranty: Everyone loves some warranty, and this pop and Lock tailgate item makes provision for a one-year warranty. If anything goes wrong within this period, you’re covered!
  • Protects tailgate: The manual Lock would deter amateurs from stealing from you; this gives you a sense of security and peace.

Issues associated with this Pop & Lock tailgate lock

  • Stiffens passenger linkage: The linkage clips could get broken because this truck tailgate lock prevents the passenger side linkage from moving. A person trying to lift your Lock without knowing it is locked could force it into breaking.
  • Rusts easily: Tough weather conditions could make this pop and lock tailgate lock rust badly and reduce its durability rate.
  • Expensive: The Pop & Lock is not economical and might not suit your budget for a truck tailgate lock.

Our judgment on this Pop and Lock tailgate lock

Although this lock is not an economical for the car owner working with a strict budget, it is an appropriate choice for the Classic Chevy Silverado tailgate lock.

7.8Expert Score
PL1100 by Pop & Lock

  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Warranty
  • Protects tailgate
  • Rusts easily
  • Expensive

4. Power Tailgate Lock – The best tailgate lock for Tacoma and Tundra                                 

The Toyota Tundra power tailgate lock was strictly produced for the Toyota Tundra 2007 – 2019 model and is said to be vehicle-specific, but it could serve as a tailgate lock for Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2019 model. The installation of the power tailgate lock involves a correct connection of the black cables with colored ends. The truck tailgate lock makes up for the lack of appropriate Locks in the Toyota models. The power tailgate lock wouldn’t fit any other truck model. Although it is costly, it is the best security investment for your Toyota Tacoma tailgate lock.

Why you should get this power tailgate lock

  • An excellent power lock: The Power tailgate lock connects to your key fob. Hence, you have the assurance that your tailgate is locked as long as your truck is locked.
  • Perfect fit for Toyota Tundra and Tacoma: This is the best tailgate lock for Toyota Tundra (2007 – 2020) and Toyota Tacoma (2016 – 2019). The Toyota Tacoma tailgate lock eliminates your theft worries.
  • No drilling required: You would not have to drill or cut through anything to get this power tailgate lock installed—everything you need to get your power lock installed.

Disadvantages of using this power tailgate lock

  • Noise: This might not be the best power lock for car owners who hate the ‘clonk’ sound made by this tailgate lock for Toyota Tacoma.
  • Difficulty in the installation: The installation manual that accompanies the power tailgate lock does not have the proper instructions for connecting the colored ends, especially for Toyota Tacoma car owners. These could cause installation difficulties and lead to fruitless hours of understanding the process.
  • Expensive: This power tailgate lock is costly but offers you extreme value for your money.
  • Malfunctions if installed wrongly: Understanding the installation process might be quite tricky. A wrong connection might cause a malfunction of this power tailgate lock.

Our verdict on this Tacoma tailgate lock

The power tailgate lock for Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra is not budget-friendly but, it is beneficial and can be considered the best security lock for your tailgate.

8.2Expert Score
Power Tailgate Lock

  • An excellent power lock
  • Perfect fit for Toyota Tundra and Tacoma
  • No drilling required
  • Noise
  • Complex installation
  • Expensive
  • Malfunctions if installed wrongly

This Pop & Lock manual tailgate lock Tacoma is designed for Toyota Tacoma (2005 – 2015) truck model. It has no backup camera but would fit the camera of your Toyota Tacoma. Designed in different colors that would suit the color of your truck model, this Lock has a one year warranty that guarantees you of any issue that happens with your Lock within the warranty period. It comes with a full handle replacement and has a raised lock that aids easy operation. This manual Lock is strictly for Toyota Tacoma and comes with a key code that enables you to operate it with your ignition key.

Benefits of using this manual tailgate lock

  • One year Warranty: The one year warranty from the Pop & Lock brand covers any damage to your Lock within one year of use
  • Easy Fitment: Once the process of installation is understood, you can fit this in without stress.
  • Color Match: This Lock is designed in various colors that would be compatible with the color of your Toyota Tacoma.
  • Perfect fit for Toyota Tacoma: If you own a Toyota Tacoma with a model that falls within 2005 – 2015, then you’ve found an excellent fitment.

Disadvantages of the Pop & Lock PL5400

  • Low-quality parts: Made with some plastic parts that affect its ability to last long, the PL5400 Lock has a short lifespan. If you love to upgrade your tailgate lock after ten years, this is not the best shopping option!
  • Unclear guide: The paper guide attached to the PL5400 is not explanatory. Most buyers resort to YouTube videos to get more precise procedures.
  • Expensive: This product is quite costly.
  • Fades: Do not get too excited about the wide range of colors. They might fade off before you get the hang of it.

Our verdict on this Toyota Tacoma tailgate lock

Beyond the low-quality parts, insufficient instructions, fading products, and high price, this is the best Toyota Tacoma tailgate lock for now. Once you get past the installation hurdle, it becomes a worthy process.

7.9Expert Score
PL5400 Tailgate Lock

  • One year Warranty
  • Easy Fitment
  • Color Match
  • Perfect fit for Toyota Tacoma
  • Low-quality parts
  • Unclear guide
  • Expensive
  • Faded Colors

The Silverado tailgate lock consists of stainless steel that protects the Lock from dirt and moisture. This Lock is ideal for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. The most suitable models are those between 2007-2013. This lock has a special key pairing system that enables you to set the Lock with one key, which could be your ignition key. The Bolt 5922987 is weatherproof and has a limited lifetime warranty – double durability offer.

Advantages of the Silverado tailgate lock

  • Durable: The Bolt tailgate lock is primarily of a stainless steel material that provides durability.
  • It doesn’t waste time to fit: This can be installed within a few minutes as the installation procedures are not difficult to understand.
  • Better Quality: This manual Lock is made from better quality materials as opposed to other truck tailgate locks in the market.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  Disadvantages of the Silverado tailgate lock

  • Other keys may fit: Though the one key feature assures you of having only one key used for opening and closing the Lock, there is a slim possibility of manipulating other car keys to work with the L
  • Offers no security if tampered with: Never force another fit into in an attempt to open the L Once manipulated, this tailgate lock weakens and provides almost no protection.

Our verdict on the Bolt 5922987

This tailgate lock is highly recommended for the compatible car models stated in the review. It is worth the dime!

7Expert Score
Bolt 5922987

  • Durable
  • Quality
  • Warranty
  • Weak lock
  • Offers no security if tampered with

This pop and lock tailgate item for Toyota Tacoma works with or without the backup camera available in Toyota truck models. It comes with a full handle replacement and may also accompany a one year warranty. This pop and Lock is compatible with truck bed and tonneau covers and is for Toyota Tacoma (2005 – 2015). This tailgate lock doesn’t have a bolt codable technology that uses the ignition key; instead, it possesses a standard lock attached with a set of keys.

Advantages of the Pop and Lock for Toyota Tacoma

  • Quick fitment: This is incredibly easy to install, with no hassles or difficulties to hinder the installation process. Once the process of installing is understood, you’re good to go!
  • Standard lock technology: It comes with two sets of keys which enables you to always gain access to your tailgate, in the event of misplacing anyone.
  • Warranty: It has a one year warranty

Disadvantages of the tailgate lock Tacoma

  • Made with plastic: The cheap plastic used in constructing the inner mechanism of the tailgate lock reduces its lifespan and causes it to break within months of usage.
  • Cannot survive harsh weather: In areas with extreme weather conditions, this pop and lock tailgate lock requires constant lubrication to work effectively.

Our Verdict on the Pop and Lock for Toyota Tacoma

If quality and durability are what you are searching for in a tailgate lock, you should pass on this! The cheap plastic materials used for the inner mechanism of this Lock wouldn’t sustain you through the years.

8.5Expert Score
Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Lock

  • Quick fitment
  • Standard lock technology
  • One-year warranty
  • Low quality plastic parts
  • Not for harsh weather

Just like its name implies, this tailgate lock is for universal truck use. It is an affordable truck tailgate lock option, designed as a padlock with some set of keys which aids easy removal. The tailgate lock is attached to the passenger side tailgate hinge, and it locks up the tailgate once attached. Although the gate defender lock has a similar design as a padlock, the opening and locking mechanism is different from a padlock. It is a generic lock but is not the best fitment for the 2017 & 19 Toyota Tacoma, 2004 Chevy Silverado, 1999 – 2007 Chevrolet &GMC, 2004 – 2011 Chevy Colorado in the Chevy Colorado tailgate lock.

Gains of using The Gate Defender Lock

  • Affordable: This tailgate lock is affordable. You do not have to break the bank to secure your tailgate.
  • Generic Lock: Unlike other tailgate locks that are vehicle-specific, the gate defender lock is universal and suits most trucks of various models. Although, you would have to confirm its compatibility with your truck model
  • Easy and Quick: You would not have to spend hours figuring out where to hinge it on as long as it is compatible with your truck model.
  • Perfect fit for Toyota Tundra 2017. 2017 Nissan Frontier, and 2020 Sierra 1500

Hitches experienced with the Gate Defender Lock

  • Tricky Lock: The Gate Defender has a tricky lock and unlock mechanism. The absence of a clear guide does not help. This drawback has frustrated most car owners in thinking the Lock is a wrong fit for their truck models
  • Misleading fitment guide: Some of the truck models like the 09 – 18 Dodge Ram 1500 stated in the fitment guide is not compatible with the gate defender lock. Though regarded as a universal lock, it does not fit all truck models.
  • Another Deterrent: It only deters amateurs, but a determined thief could cut through the Lock and access your tailgate.
  • Unsuitable for select models: This tailgate lock is not suitable for the Chevy Colorado 04 – 11, 2004 Chevy Silverado, and 99 – 07 Chevrolet.

Our Opinion on the Gate Defender tailgate lock

With a similar padlock design, this tailgate lock can be quite tricky to manipulate, but once you have the hang of it, this is an excellent tailgate lock for your truck. Barring select model years, this is one of the best Tacoma tailgate locks in the market.

9.4Expert Score
Pop and Lock’s Gate Defender

  • Affordable
  • Generic Lock
  • Easy and Quick
  • Tricky Lock
  • Misleading fitment guide

The PL3400 is for the Dodge Ram truck. It is strictly vehicle specific and is not compatible with other truck models. Backed by a one-year warranty, the PL3400 is an affordable security investment for your Dodge Ram truck. This Lock is available in various colors and works with camper shells—that way, the safety of your valuables is guaranteed. The Pop & Lock tailgate lock is suitable for 02 – 08 Dodge Ram1500 and 03 – 09 Dodge Ram2500/3500.

Benefits of using the Black Manual tailgate lock for Dodge Ram

  • Compatible with Dodge Ram truck models: This pop and lock item is the best fit for the 2008 Dodge Ram1500.
  • Warranty: The Lock has a one year warranty, which caters to damages to your Lock within one year.
  • Durable: This truck tailgate lock has a long lifespan that gives you a sense of security for years. As long as it suits your truck model, you wouldn’t worry about upgrading it soon.
  • Easy to manipulate: The Lock and unlock mechanism of this tailgate lock is easy to understand and use.

Issues associated with using the Dodge Ram tailgate lock

  • Tricky installation: Understanding the installation process might be a little tricky, making it difficult to fit.
  • Not Compatible with all Dodge Ram models: This tailgate lock works best on the 3rd Gen Dodge Ram 1500 models and might be a faulty lock for other year models.

Our judgment on the Pop and Lock tailgate lock

This tailgate lock is a vehicle-specific lock that is compatible with specific year models for the Dodge Ram truck. It is durable and highly recommended for your 2008 Dodge Ram 1500.

8.2Expert Score
PL3400 by Pop & Lock

  • Compatible with Dodge Ram truck
  • Warranty
  • Durable
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Tricky installation
  • Not Compatible with all Dodge Ram models

Truck Tailgate Locks Best Brands



McGard kicked off the automotive business in 1966 and are currently prominent for their production of various vehicle accessories such as wheel locks, lug nuts, tailgate locks, etc. They are the producers of the 76029 Mcgard Tailgate Lock – one of the most affordable tailgate locks you’d find in the market; also, a universal fit for most truck types. Apart from this tailgate lock, the brand seeks to produce affordable vehicle accessories for car owners.


Pilot Automotive

Pilot automotive specializes in a wide range of products that range from automotive parts and truck accessories to electronics and soft goods. In the past thirty-six years since their inception, they have served as sub-contractors to various brands under the guise of several brand names. They are the producers of the famous Bully LH-007WD Tailgate Lock for the Dodge Ram truck model.


Strattec Security             

The Bolt 5922987 tailgate lock is a durable proof of the quality locks produced by this brand. They are interested in attaining maximum security for your truck or car. Thus, they specialize in the production of automotive locks and keys. However, the brand name “Bolt” is often associated with the products made by Strattec Security. Strattec broke off from a previously existing division and has been in existence since the ‘old-school’ automobile days.


Pop & Lock                        

Pop and Lock is regarded as the leading producers of tailgate products, offering both manual and power tailgate lock options to truck owners. They also provide aftermarket security options for tonneau covers and truck caps. In 2011, the Pop & Lock brand was purchased by the Vehicle Security Innovators inc. The power tailgate lock reviewed for Toyota Tundra/Tacoma was made by the brand.

What to look out for when buying a tailgate lock

Security is paramount, and your tailgate is crucial in protecting your car!

Ever visited a strange neighborhood with roaming rascals and high theft cases? Your first concern would be the valuables in your car, and even if you secure that, there is still a high chance that the determined thief lurking around the corner could steal your tailgate.

What would this mean for you?

A replacement for your tailgate results in spending thousands of dollars!

We think it would be a lot better to get a tailgate lock that deters these rogues from trying to break through your tailgate and alerts you if anyone messes around your truck.

However, replacing a lousy lock or choosing a new tailgate lock that suits your truck model, tonneau cover, and truck bed might pose some issues. So, we have compiled specific factors to look out for when getting the best tailgate lock for your truck model.


Compatibility is a significant factor to look out for when searching for a suitable tailgate lock. Not all excellent automotive products would suit your car, so you must confirm that the tailgate lock you intend to purchase is an exact fitment for your vehicle. Most automotive brands that produce tailgate locks provide fitment guides on their website that could help you make the right choice for your truck model.

There are universal locks that suit most vehicle models, and there are vehicle-specific locks that are custom made for a specific truck model, year, and body style.

You might decide to choose a generic lock or an OEM replacement for your truck – whatever choice you make, ensure it is the right fitment for your year model.


The materials used in making tailgate locks vary from stainless steel to high impact plastic or ABS plastic steel. The lifespan length of these locks’ hinges on the kind of materials used in their production. Getting a stainless-steel tailgate lock assures you of a better chance at durability than a high impact plastic lock.


Manual locks employ the use of keys. Some Locks have unique codable technology that enables you to unlock with your ignition key. Furthermore, power locks are connected to the locking mechanism of your car and can operate with the key fob of your truck; this assures you that as long as your truck doors are locked, your tailgate is locked.

Your choice is dependent on the kind of security you need for your truck – a deterrent for amateur thieves or a reliable security system.


Whatever you intend to purchase is eventually influenced by your budget. You might have a restrictive budget. Thus, you would have to choose tailgate locks with prices that fall within your budget range. However, the higher the cost of the Lock, the better quality they have. Most expensive locks come with all the necessary equipment needed for their installation. The prices of tailgate locks could range from $20 to above $100.

Truck Tailgate Lock Installation Guide

Several custom-made tailgate locks that are vehicle specific require special procedures to install. These installation guides are usually attached to the packaging of the tailgate locks.

The universal fit tailgate lock is a DIY lock that does not require the unique expertise of any professional to fit as long as it suits your truck model.

However, this guide would help you install the McGard universal tailgate lock. If you own any of these vehicles, a few minutes is all you need to get your tailgate locked and secured from theft.

To get started, you need these items to aid a flawless installation process:

  • The McGard universal tailgate lock pack
  • ¼” square head screwdriver

Now you have these items, read through the process:

For GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado with an easy tailgate lift:

  1. At the right-hand side of the tailgate, release the retaining clip from the hinge cup; this allows the tailgate lay flat, enabling you to install the L Ensure the tailgate is in a secure position!
  2. Remove a molded sleeve from the pack and fix it into the hinge cup, ensuring it aligns with the opening. Get an adhesive strip to hold the hinge in place while you install the tailgate lock
  3. Next, reinstall the tailgate into an open position. While doing so, ensure that you get rid of the adhesive strip

The next steps apply to compact and midsize trucks:

  1. If you own a compact or midsize truck, the first action you need to take is to remove the measuring strip. The paper measuring strip is located at the base of the lock instruction sheet.
  2. After drawing out the measuring strip, wrap the strap around the right side hinge cup. Carry out this task must carefully because if the ends overlap, the ends of the strip will need trimming. However, if the ends of the strip do not overlap, then you are required to skip the next three steps.
  3. To trim the liner, draw it out of the metal strap while attaching the liner to the lock housing.
  4. When trimming, ensure that the liner adjusts to the already determined measurement in step 4c.
  5. Once the trimming is completed, you can then reinstall the liner by sliding it back over the metal strap.

Completing the Tailgate Lock Installation for All Trucks

  1. While keeping the McGard key tool adjoined with the lock housing, fold the free end of the metallic strip loop, first from behind the tailgate lock, then from under the tailgate hinge cup.
  2. Push up the housing of the Lock, ensuring that the keyhole is directly opposite the truck bed.
  3. Insert the free end of the metallic strap into the L While carrying out this task, hold the Lock in place.
  4. Then use your free hand to turn the key a few times in a clockwise direction. The aim is to ensure that you can reengage the metal strap with the lock housing.
  5. Once you complete the above task, kindly rotate the Lock downwards until the key and keyhole are upright. The aim is to ensure that the lock housing sits on the tailgate tip.
  6. Next, turn the tailgate key in a clockwise direction. We prefer that you carry out this task using a ¼” square head screwdriver. Stop turning once the Lock is tight. Do NOT overtighten.
  7. Once locked tight, remove the Key tool. Press in the dust plug and shut the tailgate.
  8. Always keep the Key tool handy for when you need to remove the tailgate.
  9. Voila! The installation of your tailgate lock is complete.

Tailgate Lock Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly recommend a Honda Ridgeline tailgate lock to me. I have seen a lot of options, and I am confused about which one to buy?

If you are interested in a manual ridgeline tailgate lock, then you should try the 08Z07 – T6Z – 100D Honda Genuine Ridgeline tailgate lock for your vehicle. We recommend this because it has a unique color code system that enables you to select a matching color code that matches your vehicle specifications. Attached to the manual Lock are two keys for unlocking and all the necessary hardware needed to install the tailgate lock – including a handle. However, if you love the pop and lock tailgate brand or need a power tailgate lock, then an alternate option is the Pop & Lock PL8600 with a one year warranty when purchased off auction sites like Amazon. Using this alternate option of the Honda ridgeline helps you operate your tailgate with your key fob, not any other key. 

I have a Ford Ranger 2011, and I need a tailgate lock. What is the best Ford Ranger Tailgate lock? Electric or pop and lock preferred.

The best pop and lock or electric lock option for your ford ranger is the Pop & Lock PL8250, which suits any other compatible Ford model with a power lock. It can be controlled from your key fob and would lock your tailgate as long as your truck doors are locked.

For tailgate lock ford ranger, there are alternate manual Pop and Lock options in the market that can suit your 2011 Ford ranger, such as the PL2310, which solely works with factory plastic handle. It carries the same one year warranty and conditions for redemption. The manual option might not suit other year models of the Ford Ranger, but it is a compatible fitment for the 2011 model.  

I need an electric tailgate lock that would be compatible with my 2018 Toyota Tacoma model. Any ideas on which brand would be the best for my truck?

The PL8535 tailgate lock for the 07 – 19 Toyota Tundra truck model would be an excellent fit for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma model. Although designed for Toyota Tundra, it’d also be a perfect fit for all Toyota Tacoma models that fall within 2016 – 2019.


When choosing the best tailgate locks for your car you have to be sure that whichever model you pick fits the locking mechanism of your car. Irrespective of the various car brands and models that they fit each of these tailgate locks has a standout trait. For durability and quality, the bolt brand offers you stainless steel manual locks but ensure it is the right fit for your vehicle to avoid any installation issues. On the other hand, the Pop & Lock brand provides a wide range of the best electric locks for your vehicle, which could be operated without keys and guarantees you of maximum security. If you are searching for a manual lock that is budget-friendly yet serves as a deterrent for easy thieves, then the Bully LH – 007 would do it for you!   

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