Bakflip tonneau bedcovers.

Learn about the fabulous Bakflip tonneau bed cover for the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab or any truck brand.

Such an important feature for any truck. why?

1. Keeps thieves from STEALING YOUR TAILGATE! Yes, realize that the first thing that usually gets hit and damaged is the tailgate. Truck owners are shocked when they find how much it is to repair or replace their tailgate, so what do they do? They steal the tailgate from someone else. A sickening fact, and even more sickening is when it happens to YOU! 2. Keeps your truck bed clean AND DRY. 3. Gives you easy access to your truck bed for hauling, or getting access to the back of the bed.3. Increase your miles per gallon by reducing drag from an open bed.4. Improves the overall look of your truck.

5. Increases the value of your truck.

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