Storage is an essential factor in vehicles. If you want to keep your items without a mess, under seat storages are the best option for you. Under seat storage makes the best use of space where the items stay safe and out of sight. Good under seat storage helps to keep your vehicle organized and free from clutter. Top-quality storages make your vehicle look good and clean too. Many brands are selling under seat storages of various features. Know about our top picks for Silverado under seat storage to select the storage for you.

Our Top 3 Under Seat Storages For Chevy Silverado

Best OverallBest ValueHonorable Mention

Tyger Auto Under Seat Storage Box TG-CB5C2238

Red Hound Auto Under Seat Storage RED940429

DU-HA Under Seat Storage 10300


One of the best under seat storages. Keeps goods organized, customized for perfect fitting.

An ideal storage for keeping loose cargo. Great finishing touch and premium quality.

Perfect for keeping your vehicle organized and keeping your gear safe.


Dividers and gun racks comfortably separate items. Custom fit options. Manufactured with the latest injection molding technology.

It comes with a large storage capacity, has a factory feel and look, superior attachment system, made of high-quality material.

It fits for many vehicles. Keeps items safely and out of sight, has gun racks/organizers.


Attaching it to the vehicle can be tricky for some customers.

Mounting process is a little complex, instructions aren’t properly to the point.

Has some fitting issues. Number of compartments in the storage unit may not be sufficient for all customers.

Best Silverado Under Seat Storage Reviews and Recommendations

Evaluation of under seat storages can be on the basis of various factors. It can be based on the overall comparison, the best value, etc. Also, there are some honorable mentions. When a customer buys an under seat storage, he/she considers both features and budget. The major factors while purchasing an under seat storage are storage capacity, price, ease of installation, compatibility, durability, etc.

Best Overall Product – Tyger Auto Under Seat Storage Box TG-CB5C2238

Tyger Auto TG-CB5C2238 is the best under seat storage for Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra in our evaluation. The storage box has so many features at a very good price. This storage box is made of heavy-duty material. Impact-resistant and heavy-duty polypropylene is used for this storage box. It’s made under advanced technology of injection molding. It has a sleek customizable design. The sleek design makes the storage space a hide-away and easily accessible.

The storage space is adjustable as it has removable dividers. The developers have designed the divider shape such that users can use it as a gun holder. So, the storage can be used as a Silverado under seat gun storage. There’s no possibility for the valuables to get scratched as there’s a soft rubber-type edge all-around. The storage capacity is very good as there’s a removable net for holding small or round items.

The installation process is very simple. It’s custom-fit under the back seat giving a great factory look and feel. There are metal buckle straps, making the installation possible in seconds. No drilling is needed during installation. When the vehicle is in motion, there will be no sliding or movement.

There can be a small possibility that customers may feel difficulty while installing the storage box. The provided bolt may not fit with predrilled holes. The strap may have some issues in some rare cases. Apart from these issues, the storage box can be a very good choice for the customers.

Best Value – Red Hound Auto Under Seat Storage RED940429

Red Hound RED940429 is a premium quality under seat storage that comes at a very economical price. The storage box is compatible with both GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado double cab. The storage box is a perfect one for those who want to store their tools and items out of sight and safe. It has adequate width and depth without any interference with the seat function.

The storage box has a customizable design. In Sierra and Silverado crew cabs, it can be fit directly under the back seat. The installation process using existing hardware is easy and quick. No extra tools are needed in the installation; it only takes a few minutes.

It’s made of high impact molded black plastic of automotive grade with a quality finish. The material isn’t flimsy. It’s resistant to most of the chemicals and doesn’t interfere with the foot or feet well area. The storage box has a huge capacity for storing gear and reducing clutter. You can keep your tools, fishing equipment, guns, first aid kits, towing accessories, etc., organized and concealed.

The storage box is for only double cab models. It doesn’t fit crew cabs. The mounting process may seem complex for some users. Overall, it’s very good under seat storage at a lower price.

Honorable Mention – DU-HA Under Seat Storage 10300

DU-HA under seat storage 10300 is a very good storage. It’s an ideal one to organize pickup trucks to keep the gears out of sight and safe. You can keep your items such as gears, power tools, guns, tow ropes, first aid kits, tie down straps, bungee straps, tackle, boots, hats, chains, gloves, jumper cables, etc., securely under the back seat. It’s compatible with 14-18 Chevy, GMC Silverado, Sierra Ld, and 15-19 HD crew cab. There’s a 2 piece organizer or gun rack for safe storage of guns. You can store larger items if you want as the organizers are removable.

The installation process of this storage box is easy and quick. It takes around 10 minutes to install this storage box. It enhances the beauty of the vehicle interior and provides a factory feel. You have options to match your vehicle’s interior color. Heavy-duty polyethylene is the main material of this storage box. It’s made in USA with a lifetime warranty.

In this storage box, it’s advisable not to keep hazardous materials. This storage box has some fitting issues in some limited number of cases. The number of compartments may not be adequate for all users. Overall, it’s a great under seat storage at a good price.

Honorable Mention – Husky Liners 9031 Under Seat Storage

Husky Liners 9031 under seat storage box is a very good storage box for crew cab trucks. It’s compatible with 2014-2018 Chevrolet-GMC Silverado, Sierra 1500, 2015-2019 Chevrolet-GMC Silverado, Sierra 2500 or 3500 crew cab. It has a large storing capacity, includes safety straps and dividers. It stores and organizes your items like a boss. It reduces clutter and makes your vehicle look organized and clean.

The storage box is tough, and its material is good and resistant to most chemicals. The material ensures an anti-skid surface reducing cargo shifting. The storage box has a sleek black texture giving it a factory feel and look. The installation is easy. It’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It has some limited number of issues with durability. The plastic material is thin. It also some issues with fitting compatibility. But in the overall evaluation, the under seat storage box is a great option for the customers.

Honorable Mention – OEDRO Rear Under Seat Storage Box ED0201R003

OEDRO ED0201R003 under seat storage box is made of latest technology. It’s compatible with 2014-2018 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 double cab, 2015-2019 Sierra and Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD. It’s great for keeping tools, inter accessories, sports gear, fishing, and hunting equipment.

This storage is an upgraded one. It makes the vehicle clean and presentable. It functions ideally with back floor mats. Its storage capacity is very good. It can hold a huge amount of stuff out of sight under the rear seat in an organized way. It has two in one combo patented design that provides roomy storage. It has dividers making it easier to store the items in the vehicle without any noise.

The storage box is very simple to install. Installation takes just under 5 minutes. The storage box is tough and durable. It’s made of high-quality PP material. It has a black textured and anti-skid surface. It keeps your stuff more organized and free from sliding around.

Apart from the advantages, it has a limited number of drawbacks also. It has some fitting issues for some vehicle models. In overall evaluation, it can be a top choice for the customers.

Chevrolet Silverado Under Seat Storage Benefits

An under seat storage comes with a lot of benefits for you. A storage enhances the comfort of using vehicles to a great extent.

Keep Your Vehicle Organized

A storage helps to keep the vehicle free from being messy by reducing clutter. The storage helps to keep the loose items that were floating around inside the vehicle. Thus the vehicle stays organized and clean. The interior of the vehicle looks so good due to the under seat storage.

Protect your goods

It’s not a good practice to keep your goods and items such as car care supplies, jumper cables, first aid kits, guns, bags, and other tools in an unorganized way in the vehicle cause it makes these items messy. Keeping the tools here and there in the vehicle can easily decrease the lifetime of these tools along with reducing the beauty of the vehicle interior. Using an under seat storage can keep the items safe, out of sight, and clean.

Increasing the interior space of the vehicle

Keeping the tools here and there in the vehicle reduces the space inside the vehicle; the interior of the vehicle becomes so congested. Having a trip in a congested vehicle is never pleasant. A congested interior makes it so uncomfortable to use the vehicle. Under seat storage can save a lot of space by keeping the necessary tools and items.

Store more

There’s no need to depend only on the rear storage of the car. When there are a lot of tools and items, only rear storage of the vehicle isn’t enough. Using suitable under seat storage increases the storing capacity of the tools and items. Even if your vehicle isn’t too big, you can store a lot of items by using an under seat storage box.

Top Silverado Under Seat Storage Brands

There are a number of top brands producing high-quality under seat storages. Some of the top brands are TYGER, DU-HA, Husky Liners, General Motors, Red Hound, OEDRO, etc. All of these companies are renowned worldwide for their product features and services.


Tyger Auto Inc. was founded in 2013 by a US and Canadian expert group in the industry of aftermarket auto parts. This company is based in California, USA, and they are one of the top car culture innovators. They are well aware of what the customers want; therefore, their every decision on what they develop is based on the user’s perspective. Tyger has expert developers with knowledge of industrial design for aftermarket vehicle parts. Their vision is to develop high-quality, innovative products emphasizing functionality, durability, and style to the market. Tyger makes high-quality under seat storages. The storages come in the market with a variety of prices starting from around $159 to $249. So, you are getting your storage solution at any budget. Their under seat storages fit a variety of vehicles. For many vehicles, storages are available, such as under seat storage Silverado, storage for Sierra, etc.


DU-HA Inc. was established in Minnesota, the USA, in 2003. DU-HA produces innovative and top-quality automotive goods which are popular worldwide. DU-HA produces a wide range of products such as under seat and behind-the-seat storage units, interior or exterior portable storage units, extendable reaching tools, gun protector sleeves, gun cases, SUVs, vans, etc. DU-HA under seat storage products extremely good, and these products are available in the market at great prices. There are various models of DU-HA under seat storages available in the market.

Husky Liners

Husky Liners is a renowned company for making automotive aftermarket products. The company is based in Winfield, Kansas. It was founded in 1988. Their products include customizable floor liners (including rear seat, front seat, and cargo area), custom molded mudguards, heavy-duty floor mats, under seat storage, etc. Their under seat storages are extremely good, providing great comfort and storage benefits inside the vehicle. Husky Liner under seat storages are available in the market at various budgets. Some of the top Husky Liner under seat storages are Husky Liners 9041, 9051, 9031, etc.

Red Hound

Red Hound Auto has experience of decades in the RV and automotive industries. Their headquarters are located in the USA. Red Hound Auto manufactures excellent quality accessories at very good prices. Red Hound Auto focuses on quality, service, and value. Their products are good enough to exceed or meet OEM specifications. Their under seat storages are very good to meet the storage demand of the vehicle users. The under seat storage products come to the market with competitive values and quality. Various vehicles are suitable for these under seat storages like 2014 Chevy Silverado under seat storage, 2015 Chevy Silverado under seat storage, etc. They guarantee every item’s quality to make your vehicles stand out.


OEDRO is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aftermarket auto parts. Their auto parts are mainly for Ford F-series trucks, Jeep Wranglers, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Rams. Their products are floor mats, under seat storages, tonneau covers, etc. OEDRO has a professional R&D team that is extremely good at developing high-quality products at affordable prices. Their warranty service is very customer-friendly. They manufacture under seat storages for various vehicles such as under seat storage 2014 Silverado, under seat storage 2015 Silverado, and many others. These products come at very competitive prices varying around $102 to $140.

General Motors

General Motors is a renowned company for manufacturing aftermarket auto parts. Their headquarter is situated in Detroit, Michigan. They have a diverse workforce. Their under seat storages are very good. According to compatibility, they make various storages such as Silverado crew cab under seat storage.

Chevy Silverado Under Seat Storage Pricing

Under seat storages are available in the market at various prices. There are storages on a low budget as well as storages at a higher budget. Storages compatible with various vehicles such as under seat storage box Silverado, Chevy Silverado under seat storage, etc. are available at various prices.

Below $150

There are under seat storages available for under $150. These storages are economical storages. Tyger, Husky Liners, OEDRO, Red Hound, etc. have some under seat storage models which have prices below $150. Even Red Hound produces under seat storages at prices of below $100. These under seat storages come with a little fewer features but at very economical prices.

$150 to $200

When the customers prefer a mix of value and quality, it’s better to buy under seat storages with prices a little higher than the lower-budget ones. There are many under seat storages having prices in the $150 to $200 range. Tyger, DU-HA, Husky Liners etc. have under seat storage boxes in this price range. These under the seat storage for Silverado and other vehicles have great quality as well as competitive prices. 

Above $200

Silverado storage under seat and other under seat storages are also available at prices higher than $200 with extreme quality. General Motors, Tyger, DU-HA, etc. produce higher-budget under seat storages. Tyger has a number of under seat storages with prices above $200. These products have very good quality. Customers willing to pay large can choose these products to get high-quality storages and great after-sale services.

Key Features of Under Seat storages

Under seat storages provides great benefits to vehicle users. The various features of the storages make the use of the vehicle so comfortable. It’s important to know the key features of under seat storages. Knowing the features helps you to choose the most suitable storage for you.

Easy Installation

A good under seat storage should have an easy installation process. Installation of the under seat storage within a short time makes it comfortable for the vehicle user. Drilling-free installation is important as extra works like drilling makes the installation work more complex. When installed, the under seat storage shouldn’t also slide or move when the vehicle is in motion. Good under seat storage should take 10 to 15 minutes for installation. Proper instruction of installation makes the installation process easier for the users.

More Storage

The main purpose of the under seat storage is to keep the tools and items in the storage. Therefore, adequate storage is essential for under seat storage. An under seat storage with so many features but with low storage capacity won’t increase the comfort of the vehicle user much; keeping the tools here and there will make the vehicle’s interior look messed-up. For more storage, there can be many arrangements. Along with the box, extra storage nets can increase the storage capacity. Holders with the box also increase the storage capacity. Various tools, including repairing items, guns, bags, can be kept in the holders. Holders, nets, and similar arrangements increase the beauty of the interior of the vehicle also.

Great Design

It’s important to keep your vehicle interior look beautiful and classy. The environment of a vehicle interior also indicates the taste of the vehicle owner. Therefore, the design of the under seat storage is also significant. An under seat storage with a sleek design with suitable color will really enhance the vehicle interior’s beauty. Customers prefer storages with great finishing touch with textures giving a great look and feel.

Toughness & Durability

An under seat storage has to be tough and durable. A good material should be used in the storage so that it doesn’t get damaged, stays resistant to harmful chemicals, and reduces cargo shifting. Under seat storages made of good material such as heavy-duty polyethylene provide great services for a long time. The good strength of the storage ensures the ability to take a huge load.


Compatibility is also an essential factor for an under seat storage box. A storage box compatible with a variety of vehicles can easily become a top choice for the customers. Low compatibility makes the target customer group of an under seat storage box narrow.

Silverado Under Seat Storage FAQs

Q: What is an Silverado under seat storage?

A: An under seat storage is a storage box attached under the rear seat of vehicles for storing the necessary stuff. Under seat storage keeps the Silverado clean and organized because the tools and gear aren’t kept here and there in the vehicles; these are kept in the storage box. So, the interior of the vehicle looks good. Also, the tools don’t slide or get displaced when the Silverado truck is in motion as the tools are kept in the storage box in an organized way. Under seat storage box is a very useful part of any vehicle.

Q: What is the price range of Chevrolet Silverado under seat storages?

A: Under seat storages are available at a range of prices. Low-budget under seat storage boxes cost below $100 and a little above $100. There are some storage boxes pricing in the range of $100 to $200. Also, there are high-budget Silverado under seat boxes that cost more than $200. Customers can choose any under seat storage box according to their demand and budget. Red Hound, OEDRO, Husky Liners have some cheaper under seat storage boxes. General Motors and Tyger Auto produce some high-budget under seat storage boxes. However, Most companies produce Silverado under seat storage boxes of a range of prices.

Q: What are the main factors while buying Silverado under seat storages?

A: There are a number of factors while buying an under seat storage for your Silverado truck. The first and main factor is the storage capacity of the under seat storage. A storage box of high storage capacity will help to keep a lot of item, thus making it easy to keep the vehicle clean and organized. Compatibility is a very significant factor. Customers will have trouble if the under seat storage isn’t compatible with a good number of vehicle models. Another factor is durability. The storage box has to be made of good materials so that it lasts for a long time, doesn’t get damaged by harmful chemicals. Design also an important factor. An under seat storage keeps your Silverado organized and makes the interior of the vehicle look beautiful. A nicely designed under seat storage box with suitable color will enhance the beauty of the vehicle interior. Another factor is the ease of installation. Customers prefer easy and simple products. A complex installation process makes an under seat storage box a less preferred option.

Final Thoughts

Tyger Auto under seat storage box TG-CB5C2238 is the best Silverado storage box at present if we consider its features and price. There are also other under seat storage boxes with promising qualities, which can also be among the top choices of the customers. Apart from Tyger, under seat storages of DU-HA, Husky Liners, Red Hound, OEDRO, General Motors are also very good storage boxes.


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