Bak Industries 72101Fibermax F1 Tonneau Cover ftis Chevrolet Silverado and CK Short Bed

The BakFlip F1 tonneau cover is available for most domestic and imported pickup trucks. If you’re in the market for a high end solid robust impact resistant all season truck bed cover that functions as well as it looks the BakFlip F1 hard folding tonneau is built for you.

The BakFlip F1 is the most impact resistant tonneau cover in BAK Industries hard cover line-up. The F1 is widely available for most models of Chevy GMC Dodge Ford Honda Nissan Toyota Mazda Isuzu Mitsubishi and VW pickup trucks.

Feel free to browse through the BakFlip F1 products and select one that’s right for you.Flush Hinge Design- The BakFlip F1 has a unique flush hinge design. It works great in all weather conditions and is guaranteed to last longer than your truck.

The flush hinge minimizes water and ice build up on top of the tonneau cover as well. Folds beyond 90 degrees- BakFlip F1 is designed to fold past the 90-degree point. This is critical to minimizing wind flow to allow full visibility of the 3rd break light and to drive safely at high speeds.

Heavy duty latches- BakFlip F1 has heavy duty latches that are encased in an injection molded plastic for enhanced performance and ergonomics.

Perfectly matches the BakBox- The same impact resistant material used to produce the BakBox toolbox is used on the BakFlip F1. The two accessories gel into one for a perfect aesthetic fit. Superior rail design-

BakFlip F1 tonneau cover rails have a 1/8 inch rail support surface that ensures a perfect fit every time. In addition it allows the cover to handle more weight on top of it as well as promoting superior resistance to water.

FITS THE FOLLOWING VEHICLES: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and C/K short bed

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