Here is a comprehensive list of the best Wheel Well toolbox you can get for your truck. This guide would help you make the best choice for the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Jump on this!

Essential items like cloth rag, nuts and bolts, spare batteries, cables, and paper towels beg for a functional space in your truck, like the Wheel Well tool box. This creative storage solution eradicates the possibility of handy tools and nuts littered around your car seats. It occupies an unused space in your truck and proffers you a better means of organizing your tools. 

Although you know you need this tool box, making a choice of which one would be perfect for you could be quite frustrating. You could decide to skip the whole process of making a choice and never get a box, but this guide will help you through this process.

This review on the Wheel Well toolbox is a must-read!




Undercover Swingcase SC206D 2019 to 2021 Ford Ranger Driver Side





















This swing out wheel well tool box produced by the Undercover brand is made with tough plastic and is recommended for its easy use. The lift-lock storage item has a year warranty and does not need any special gadget for attachment to the bed wall; this ranks it above other easily-mounted wheel well truck tool boxes.  It is portable, and it allows trouble-free access – it sways towards the tailgate and sways in locking the truck box over the wheel well. Although when mounting it on pick up beds with liners or rugs, you would have to crop out the liners or cut a slot on the carpet before mounting the box. The Swing Case wheel well box has a dimension of 8.5x16x34 inches (WxLxH) with a removable tool tray and a cup stand on the lid top.

Advantages of the Swing Case wheel well toolbox

  • Swing-out solution: The swing out wheel well tool box is exactly as the name implies. It sways in and out, making it easy and portable to use.
  • Quick Attachment: It is easy to fix and remove. You might not be interested in detaching it often if you don’t need the free space.
  • Volume for storage: Apart from its detachable tool tray and cup stand, which contains smaller utensils, it also has enough storage space for other larger items.
  • Easy to clean: This truck tool box is easy to use and clean.
  • It could serve as a substitute for a cooler.
  • Warranty: It has a 1-year warranty that covers any damages which might demand an immediate return.

Drawbacks of the Swing Case wheel well truck box

  • Short lifespan: Due to the light plastic material it is made of, many truck owners would complain of its immediate breakage. It could last for some months, but there is no guarantee for a longer time. You need to reduce the usage of some chemicals on the body of the box to avert damages.
  • Stuck latch mechanism: You might need to regularly lubricate the bolt of this wheel well storage box because it could get stuck, especially in areas with bad weather conditions.
  • Side-Specific: Be sure of the size that suits the side you intend to mount it on. This particular model is specifically for the driver side. It is not a double wheel well toolbox
  • Double lock needed: It might require a double lock for safety, especially if you need to lock your box to your truck. Swiping out might put you at a higher safety risk if you don’t have a double lock.

Our view on purchasing this truck bed wheel well tool box

This is a swing-out storage box with a warranty that covers any undue damage within one year – certainly a good deal! If you have a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota or Nissan Pickup Truck then you should try this out.

This DZ95P Wheel Well truck tool box consists of a dimension of 37’x7.75’x19.5′ and is not application-specific. It can fit into any side of the truck, depending on your choice of fitting. This storage box is affordable and comprises of Brite – thread aluminum. The Dee Zee wheel well tool box is compatible with selected tano and truck bed covers, so it is essential to check compatibility before placing an order. Although generally a universal fit, it is more suitable for 6′ – 8′ bed-sized pickups. The wheel well storage box is not compatible with the 2016 Toyota Tundra.


  • Fits both sides: Attaches on both the driver side and the passenger side as a double wheel well tool box. Wherever you choose, this truck toolbox could fit into it.
  • Economical: Compared to other wheel well tool boxes for trucks available in the market, this box has a reasonable price yet offers you a fair storage volume for all your handy tools.
  • Easy to fix: Within a matter of minutes, your storage box is attached and ready to keep all your tools safe.
  • Best for 2010 Toyota Tundra, 2012 GMC Sierra 1500, 98 GMC Sierra 2500, Nissan D21, and 97 Dodge Dakota.


  • Unclear Guide: The instruction guide that accompanies the storage box is not comprehensive. It includes pictures and few words, which might not appropriately direct you on what to do. However, if you understand how to attach it, it is pretty easy to fit.
  • Not weatherproof: Although you might not experience any form of leakage in the storage box, the locks of the box could rust or become stiff due to these conditions. This is not a weather guard wheel well tool box.
  • Lock not safe: The locks of the storage box only help to keep the lid close, but they can break off easily.
  • Not compatible with all tonneau and truck bed covers: It only fits under selected bed covers.
  • Not suitable for 2016 Toyota Tundra.

Our verdict

If you need a budget-friendly storage solution that gives you room to store some necessary tools, this is an excellent option for you. However, ensure it is compatible with the bed size of your truck to ensure satisfaction.

This swing out wheel well tool box is available in different sizes for the driver side, and the passenger side as one size isn’t reversible or used interchangeably for both applications. It has a dimension of 16×8.5×34 inches (LxWxH) and is styled explicitly for Ford F250/F350 trucks. It is not a wheel well tool box F150. This lockable solution made with ABS plastic cannot be mounted directly on the liner or rug. It would be best if you cropped out a slot for the storage box to fit. This wheel well toolbox has a 1-year warranty and is compatible with 1999 – 2016 Ford F-250-350.

Why should you use the truck wheel well box?

  • Warranty: This storage box has an attractive one year warranty, which is redeemable on no special conditions. Their fantastic customer support ensures you genuinely get a replacement in case of damage.
  • Quick fix: If you’re familiar with the Undercover brand, you’d know how easy it is to mount this storage box.
  • Swing-out not weighed down by tools: No matter the weight of the storage box, its swing-out feature wouldn’t fail.
  • No leakages: When using this wheel well storage box, you wouldn’t have to bother about the rain affecting your items, especially if you have no tonneau covers.
  • Best for 1999 – 2016 Ford F250/350.

Cons of this SwingCase wheel well box

  • Friction issues: It is advisable to use oil or lubricants for the handle planes and fastening frames to prevent friction and easy swinging.
  • Not proper fit for Driver sides with plugs: If there is a plug mounted on the wheel well side of your truck bed, then this storage box might not fit in. It would not attach appropriately on an electrical connection, as the case wouldn’t latch to the bracket.
  • Not Durable: This wheel-well box is made with plastic, which reduces its longevity. It has a higher chance of breaking or wearing out.
  • Swing-out issues: This swing out wheel well toolbox would require free space for comfortable swinging. If your truck is loaded and you need to swing out, you might have to clear the things that might obstruct its swinging.
  • Size-specific: It is not a double wheel well toolbox. There is a specific size to be fitted on whatever side you choose.
  • It is vehicle specific.

Our verdict on this SwingCase wheel well truck box

If you love the swing mechanism employed by this brand, distinguishing it from other wheel well tool boxes, then you’d also love the warranty and leakage – a resistant offer that this model provides your Ford truck. You shouldn’t miss out on this!

The Dee Zee wheel well box has a rigid poly plastic frame. It also has a unique featured cup holder in its lid top that enhances the organization of smaller items. The wheel well box possesses a double-wall lid for extra support and is made with lightweight plastic. Although no padlocks are in this storage box, it provides built-in locking tabs for the use of external padlocks. It has a dimension of 35.8 x 15.9 x 14.5 inches (LxWxH). With a foam gasket for better resistance, it is one of the most affordable truck wheel well tool boxes of the Dee Zee brand.


  • Small cup holders: This provides space for other smaller items and tools you need to keep safe
  • Low-priced: This box is very economical when compared to other truck wheel well tool boxes in the market. You wouldn’t have to break a bank to afford this!
  • Reasonable storage volume: Apart from its cup holders, the truck bed wheel well tool box also provides much storage volume for larger items.
  • It isn’t size-specific: This box fits on either the passenger or driver side of your truck.
  • Best for 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon and 99 Ford Ranger

Cons of this double wheel well tool box

  • Lock holes don’t align: The built-in locking tabs created for this Dee Zee model don’t align and, this causes minor difficulties when using an external padlock.
  • Not sturdy: The box made with lightweight plastic might not withstand the test of time, weather, and durability. It might not be a weather guard wheel well tool box.
  • Little gaps between lid and chest: The box might not be tightly closed due to the small holes that exist between the lid top and the box.

Our verdict on this Dee Zee box

This Dee zee box is improved to contain cup holders that help effective storage management. It is also more economical than most pickup wheel well tool boxes in the market. An appropriate inclusion to your budget!

The Dee Zee Wheel Well tool box is a lockable storage chest made of aluminum, with a protective black gloss that prevents it from rust and other forms of oxidation. Constructed by the Dee Zee brand, the wheel box comprises of lockable stainless steel side handles that aids portability and ease in usage. It has internal bends in its three-piece body of these dimensions – 47 x 19 x 16 inches (LxWxH). The truck wheel well tool box possesses unique details like moderate gas shocks and strikers. It also has a flexible tray divider, which is detachable and aids efficient management of your smaller items – this keeps them separate from larger items in the box. This wheel well tool box f150 is an excellent fit for the 2017 Ford F150 and 2001 Ford F350.

Pros of using this Dee Zee Wheel Well tool box

  • Works with Tonneau covers and Shell tops: Concerned about your bed or tonneau covers? This Wheel Well truck box is an exceptional fit for these covers because it is 2.5/3 inches (approx.) below your truck bed.
  • Value for your money: Though it is a tad bit on the expensive side, it provides you extreme value for your money.
  • Large storage space: With a divider that gives you room to organize both large and small items, this storage box is very functional and would put an end to cases of littered items under your car seat.
  • Dust-resistant: Its protective coat increases its resistance against dust. This saves you the stress of always cleaning dusty utensils.
  • It can open on both catch handle – right or left side.
  • Best utility chest for 15&19 Chevy Colorado, 2001 Ford F350, 2017 Ford f150 in the wheel well tool box f150, 1996 Dodge Dakota, and 2015 GMC Canyon.

Cons of using this wheel well box

  • Medium-duty storage: For vehicle owners in search of a heavy-duty toolbox, this might not be the best storage solution for them. This wheel-well truck chest consists of a light metal material that can only effectively accommodate delicate items.
  • Leaks in terrible weather conditions: The toolbox is capable of leaking if not adjusted properly. In areas with severe storms and bad weather conditions, truck owners might experience this leakage troubles.
  • Faulty Packaging: This storage tool box is subject to dents and marks, which is mostly as a result of the way it is handled during shipping and delivery. Due to the light aluminum it is made of, its major drawback is its ability to bend or dent quickly.
  • Expensive: This version of the Dee zee storage box isn’t economical.
  • Internal air shock could get in the way of storage space.
  • Not the perfect fit for the 1998 Toyota T100 and 2001 GMC Sonoma.

Our verdict on the DZ8546B truck wheel well box

This Dee Zee storage model is a bit expensive, but its protective glaze resists dust and would work well for appropriate truck models. Although it gets dented with ease, it fits tonneau and truck bed covers, providing you value for your money. You cannot go wrong with this choice!


Talk about a wheel well tool box with drawers? The DZ95D model is an alternate storage solution for lovers of different compartments and effective organization. It has a dimension of 21 x 20 x 9 inches (LxWxH). It is made with thin steel protecting it from leakages. With five sliding drawers that aid convenient usage, this is a useful storage alternative. This wheel well tool box with drawers has a single lockable drop-down door that locks in all the drawers, though many truck owners complain of the weakness of this door.  The storage box also has a striking protective black coat meant to protect it from dirt. 

However, this wheel well storage box has weak ball bearings that fall out and affect the storage compartments. It might rust in the event of extreme weather conditions, but that would be the worry of truck owners in bad storm areas. It is compatible with the 15 Chevrolet Silverado Standard Box. 

Various automotive brands in the market can provide you with several alternate storage options, but Lund 78225 offers a limited lifetime warranty. Of course! Every truck owner loves some guarantee for their car accessories. It has a reversible lid for both sides – driver side and passenger side. It has a beautiful black coat that deters rust and dirt and also possesses a sliding tray for your items. It has a dimension of 48.25 x 8.75 x 20.25 inches. The wheel well storage box is made with aluminum and might have rust-resistant features.

However, its lock handle is not ideal because it develops fault quickly.    


Keen to have extra storage for your supplies and hardware? Why not exploit the ample space on your truck bed. Installing a wheel well toolbox on the bottom of your truck not only leaves room for hauling of cargo but also ensures that you have a permanent, secure, and quick access to your tools.

Installing a fender wheel tool may require a small amount of drilling. However, you need not worry cos this task is relatively easy once you have the right tools. Most truck tool boxes are installed together with the wheel liners. In this case, you have to check that the toolbox is attached to your truck and not the liner to prevent movement.

Here is the list of tools needed to complete the procedure;

  • 7-16 inches Wrench or Socket
  • Pair of Scissor
  • Screwdriver
  • Roll of Foam tape
  • Drill machine
  • Center punch
  • Sealant

Four pieces each of;

  • 1-4 inches Mylar locking nut or Hex nut
  • 1-4 inches Washers
  • 1-4 inches Bolts
  • 1-4 inches Screws

From mounting a Specialty series to a Poly plastic toolbox, Swingcase truck bed box, or the Driver or Passenger side storage chest, the instructions may not vary to a large extent and, as such, can be adapted for diverse wheel well boxes.

Steps to Installing Wheel Well Boxes

The first few steps are for Wheel well toolboxes with both flat and angled bottom surfaces like the Specialty series Dee Zee Poly plastic wheel well toolbox and Undercover Swingcase truck bed storage box.

Step 1: Peel off the backing of the foam and place it underneath the straight part of the wheel well toolbox.

Step 2: Trim the foam tape to make sure that there are no irregular areas.

Step 3: Place the toolbox up against the truck bed such that the angled part of the toolbox is in contact with the curved part of the vehicle’s wheel well.

Step 4: If your kit comes with mounting brackets(left & right), ensure that the flanges with two holes are placed against the interior lid of the bed rail while the flanges with four holes are against the exterior edges of the toolbox facing each other.

Step 5: Mark the location of the holes from the mounting bracket to the interior bed rail and exterior wheel well toolbox.

Step 6: Take out the wheel well box out, drill holes on the marked spots and secure the mounting brackets to the interior of the bed rail with the bolts, washer, and nuts and tighten with the wrench.

Alternatively, If the bottom of your toolbox is flat like in the case of Dee Zee Red label Utility chest, these are the steps to follow;

Step 1: Place the bottom of the toolbox on the truck and at your preferred location. Ensure that the lid can operate devoid of any interference.

Step 2: Place the wheel well toolbox back into the truck bed together with the mounting brackets and use the holes on the frames to drill 1-4 inches holes to the outer part of the toolbox.

Step 3: Secure the brackets to the toolbox using the screws, washers, and nuts and tighten with a wrench.

Step 4: Locate the ridges or elevated areas on the bottom of the truck bed, center punch the position of the bolts, and drill holes through the toolbox and truck bed.

Step 5: Insert the bolts to extend through the truck bed and place the washer and nuts on the protruding bolts.

Step 6: Tighten with a wrench and apply a silicone sealant on it. The sealant prevents water from sipping into the box through the holes.


  • The following steps are applicable without the installation of hinged panels.
  • Any leakage into the toolbox will result in corrosion.
  • Warranty does not cover leakages from unsealed holes.


Q: I’m a bit confused about which storage box would suit my 2003 Ford Ranger. My choices are better built wheel well tool box over wheel well tool box SwingCase. Which is best for me?

For the better built wheel well tool box over wheel well tool box, your best choice would be the Better Built 63012334 48″ Side Mount Tool Box, which is an exact fitment for your 2003 Ford Ranger. It is produced with an aluminum diamond plate and has a dimension of 48 x 11.5 x 11 inches.

Q: Recommend a better option for me between the Red Label Utility Chest pickup wheel well tool box over wheel well truck tool box SC200D for my 2001 Ford F350.

The DZ8546B46 Red Label Utility Chest and the SC200D SwingCase would both fit your 2001 Ford F350, and you can never make a wrong choice with any of them.

However, in the pickup wheel well tool box over wheel well truck tool box, the SC200D is a more affordable option and permits you to swing out your tailgate for easy access to your items. It is size-specific, unlike the Red Label Utility Chest that can be attached to whatever side you deem fit.

Whatever choice you make out of the two, it would be great for your Ford F350.


Pickup wheel well tool boxes are the best storehouse for all your handy tools and items, especially if your truck has no extra space under the car seat. However, before you finally choose from all the storage options provided in this review, you must check their compatibility with your car bed size. To do this, you’d have to measure the bed size of your truck and ensure it is suitable for the dimensions of the storage box of your choice.

If you need a storage option that enables you to swing out towards your tailgate and swing in over your wheel well, the Undercover SwingCase storage box models are for you. On the other hand, the Dee Zee storage options would offer you an affordable choice that can fit whatever side of your choice – driver side or passenger side.   

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  1. I think this really benefits age because I already have back and knee problems. I need this tool box for my work, it requires me to be in and out of my truck bed. Is there anything that is made out of metal instead of plastic? I feel that my tools would damage the casing in the long run.

  2. They do have a Deezee steel wheel well tool box kit with drawers, you can also swing it without going in and out of the truck bed. A life saver for me since I’m pwd, it’s very convenient. My tools are organized and I don’t worry about finding where to look for them. It saves me time and money, I think it’s worth it.

  3. The Deezee works best for me, they make good stuff. I have it over 5 years old, still looks good and works like new. They are great and super strong. If I buy a new one someday, it will still be a Deezee.

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