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Oracle LED Headlight Kits Complete With Chart For Choosing The Correct Bulb


SALE until Oct. 31 only $127.47 normally $169.96
ORACLE LED Headlight Bulbs (Pair) Color: White

if you don’t know the correct bulb for your vehicle CLICK HERE

Times are a’ changin’!
Remember when Halogen headlight bulbs were all the rage?

Take a look at the pic below and see how much brighter LED bulbs are:


Extra Info: When your standard halogen bulbs no longer put out a sufficient amount of light, upgrade your whole set-up with an Oracle Premium LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit. Made to outperform any factory flickers, Oracle LED Headlights produce a staggering 2200 lumens of HID-like brightness from each bulb. Oracle LED Headlight Bulbs are durably constructed with an IP-65 rating and allow for the most efficient dissipation of heat possible. And, thanks to the concave reflector, the Oracle LED Headlight Conversion Kit delivers a more fluid light pattern, greater visibility and less glare from oncoming traffic.

if you don’t know the correct bulb for your vehicle CLICK HERE


  • Erick (Norfolk, VA) 8/7/2014 12:22 PM

I was skeptical at first when it came to these LED headlight bulbs and I must say I am very impressed! I have been using them for a few months now, the quality and performance of these bulbs are outstanding! Another awesome product from Oracle. Thanks guys!

  • GMOD (Cleveland, OH) 4/9/2014 8:28 AM

Installed tonight. I must say I think I am in love. No reason I can think of why Chevy shouldn;t put these in every car from the factory. Iphone pictures did not do them justice, so I will need to use a better camera. These bulbs reflect off of road signs really well, and are much brighter and whiter than stock. So far, so good. I am a happy customer.

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