Rigid Industries LED Light (D-Series Pro, 3″, Flood Beam, Pair, Universal), 2 Pack

Rigid Ignite Industries Universal LED Light kit makes it easy to add compact and powerful Spot lighting, the lights have a High or Low beam option.

Ignite Series Accessory Lights are small but pack a lot of power with 1000 raw lumens in a light that measures just 1.4″ x 1.4″ x 2″. The LED Light Kits include a pair of Surface mount Ignite lights along with mounting brackets, related hardware, harness and Pendant switch; the powerful LEDs in each light consume less than one amp each.

Specifications: Watts: 12, LED’s: 1 Spot ‐ High Raw Lumens: 1000, Effective Lumens: 770, Beam Width: 11 deg, Peak Intensity: 13939 cd, LUX at 10m: 139 Lux, Beam Distance: 236 m, Spot – Low Raw Lumens: 200, Effective Lumens: 115, Beam Width: 11 deg, Peak Intensity: 1895, LUX at 10m: 19Lux, Beam Distance: 87m, Designed, engineered and assembled in USA.

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